Board of County Commissioner Resolutions

Effective October 9, 2013 resolutions passed by the Board of County Commissioners will be viewable on this page. To search resolutions prior to this date, please go to: and search by the year and document type “Resolutions”.

To request a copy of a resolution please go to:

For copies of recorded documents, Colorado Statute requires a payment of $.25 per page with an additional $1 due if the copy is to be certified. Regular copies can be faxed, e-mailed, picked up in person or mailed. Certified copies may only be picked up in person or mailed. Any copies being mailed incur shipping and handling charges as follows: 1-6 pgs. = $1; 7-61 pgs. = $4; 62 pages or more = please call our office for the most current and accurate shipping costs.

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